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The Process is Simple

1. Locate Your Property

Thanks to AG Real Estate, you’re just a few clicks away from accessing several major property listing databases. We’ve made searching for properties more convenient and efficient for you on our site. Simply search and filter through thousands of commercial and residential Bay Area properties. Sign up for updates to stay informed.

2. Submit Your Terms

After you’ve identified the property you’re interested in, you’ll fill out the details of your offer on our website. You’ll have to specify basic details such as timeframe and price range. At any time during the process, if you have any questions about the details and free consultation, simply call AG Real Estate at (925) 270-7800.

3.Reach An Agreement and Close

Nothing is a guarantee until each party agrees, but we will do our best on your behalf to reach a deal. And we’re no strangers to getting deals done. When an agreement is reached, all that’s left to do is close the deal… we’ll guide you through that process as well.

Leveraging Tech to Serve You Better

The real estate industry is infamous for its slow rate of technology adoption. But at AG Real Estate, we’d consider it a personal failure if we weren’t searching for and leveraging the innovation to make your property buying experience more convenient and profitable.

We handle property transactions that include all property types—commercial, residential, and retail. And you can be certain that there’s no faster way than AG Real Estate to find and offer on a property. It could be a home, office, or retail space that’s on the market in the Bay Area. We’ll help you find it… fast.

Still, just because you can search for an offer on any property in the Bay Area without even walking into our Walnut Creek office, that doesn’t mean we’re not always ready to lend a helping hand. We’d be happy to to serve you in person. After all, above all else, real estate is a relationship business.

And since we’re committed to your success, our experienced real estate professionals are here to answer your questions.

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